Collection: SLYX

Can you Guess SLYX’s Guilty Pleasure?

Meet the Coolest Cat on Earth with a Passport to Prove It!

A black and white illustration of SLYX Riddler, stands on his skateboard, exuding coolness. His round glasses accentuate his eyes, complemented by a vibrant gem tag on his collar. Slyx's stylish attire, a striped shirt and hoodie. Amidst street graffiti, SLYX’S name shines alongside quirky characters, like a snake with a speech bubble ('hiss off I’m trying to think here'). A character in a musical patterned suit jacket reaches with a butterfly net. Below, a parrot in large glasses perched on the sidewalk gazes up. This scene epitomizes Slyx's unique character.

Paper Trails

Hey there, you!
Caught a glimpse of me zipping across your screen in my sleek
‘SKYSHREDDER’, huh?  Pretty rad, right?
Well, if you haven't met me already, I'm Slyx, the coolest Sphynx in the skies!
My paper plane isn't just for show – it's my ticket to the most epic adventures you can imagine. With the wind whipping through my whiskers (yeah, I'm a naked cat by the way), and the world below as my playground,
I touch down wherever the breeze takes me.
There's no corner of the globe I won't check out!  
I'm not just a traveler, I'm a storyteller too.
I jot down my escapades, sometimes sprinkled with quirky facts and brain-teasing riddles – I've got a knack for those too. Keeps the mind sharp, you know!
You'll get to check out some awesome pics from my trips, and I'll even throw in a few selfies for good measure.
So, what do you say?  Think you're up for joining me on this ride, I'd be stoked if you did – after all, I like making friends wherever I go!


“If you're curious to get a closer look at my plane,
my trusty creator snapped a close-up pic for you.

Don't mind the unexpected tag-along—I tend to collect a few during my flights.

I made ‘SKYSHREDDER’ from the finest cotton rag paper around, built to stand the test of time—or at least until I catch a bit of rain!"

Foodie Fantasies

From the streets of Bangkok to the clandestine speakeasies of Paris and ice covered landscapes of Nunavit, 
Slyx prowls the foodie underworld in search of the next
adrenaline-fueled flavour obsession!

Slyx is riding the winds….stay tuned for his imminent arrival.

Bonds Beyond

This spot is reserved for Slyx and friends,
from badass bikers to four legged beachcombers…friendship knows no boundaries in SLYX’S world!

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