Pronunciation: [(ENG) ‘KROH-muh-zohn]



“A curated portfolio of digital artwork featuring hand-drawn illustrations, diverse artistic styles, and animation.
The name "CHROMAZONE" is a fusion of "CHROMA," representing the vivid colours and hues present in the artwork, and "ZONE," signifying a distinct domain or space.

This collection serves as a testament to the fusion of traditional artistry with modern technology, showcasing the dynamic evolution of visual expression in the digital age.” ~PP

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Step into the world of SLYX Riddler,
where hand-drawn illustrations come to life, showcasing the creator's unique storytelling approach. Infused with boundless creativity and imaginative spirit,
each stroke invites you into SLYK’S realm of endless adventures.

Stay tuned for a forthcoming blog UNVARNISHED
that promises to captivate with thought-provoking dialogue and gripping true stories. Spanning from art and advocacy to social justice and raw, unfiltered musings, this blog will immerse you in a world where every word resonates with meaning.

Delve into a treasure trove of timeless artwork from yesteryears, where the artist's passion extends far beyond mere artistry. Fueled by boundless passion and an unwavering commitment to making a meaningful impact, their work is a testament to the interconnectedness of art, creativity, and fortitude.
From navigating through the labyrinth of barriers and disabilities to steadfastly advocating for human and animal rights, this journey embodies resilience and empathy. As a seasoned artist and instructor, who ignites the flames of creativity in a spectrum of souls, understanding that “art transcends mere therapy, serving as a universal language that fosters connection, self-discovery, and empowerment across diverse ages, abilities, and backgrounds”. ~Pp

Discover how the transition from traditional to digital art has unlocked new possibilities, allowing for continued expression and creativity that defies all boundaries and limitations.

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